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Regulatory Department


Our main mission is to meet the needs of patients poorly covered and to provide adequate solutions to overcome the problems of ruptures of essential drugs on the market, a technical regulatory service consists of a young, qualified and motivated team

in order to ensure:
-Coordination between the various internal departments of our company.
-Traceability allowing the monitoring of our products throughout production and distribution chain, until the

end of their life.
- Registration of new products their follow up with local health authorities and their market launch.



Quality Control Laboratory


Validated by LNCPP since October 23, 1996 composed of young and motivated pharmacists, chemists and microbiologists, the Quality Control Laboratory has a rigorous quality policy. For that it has equipment of most prestigious brands which offer more efficient technology to meet the requirements of various standards of the latest international pharmacopoeia (USP, BP, EP, and JP). Thereby we ensure physical, chemical and microbiological analyzes of raw materials and finish products with several methods: UV-Vis spectrophotometer and IR, AAS, GC, HPLC with PDA, RID and fluorescence detectors, CCM, polarograph, polarimeter, osmometer, pH meter / potentiometer, dissolution apparatus…
The laboratory also manages a sample library to ensure traceability and allow post-hoc analyzes.





Created in 1994, SOPHAL jsc is a pharmaceutical company specialized in the development, production and marketing of generic medications.


With its 15000 m² of area, SOPHAL knew since its starting how to contribute to the evolution of the pharmaceutical industry and to the improvement of the health covering in Algeria…
SOPHAL is equipped with modern infrastructures. The premises and the manufacturing equipments meet the highest quality requirements according to the GMPs and the international standards. To optimize its production, SOPHAL has chosen to be equipped with modern and powerful machinery.
Industrial know how:
-Direct compression,
-Wet and dry granulation,
-Capsule filling,
-Primary packaging of tablets and capsules,
-Secondary packaging.
The company has among its production structures:
-A production unit of penicillin products,
-A production unit of non penicillin products,
-A production unit of antibiotic: class of cephalosporin
-A packaging unit of sterile injectable products
-A storage area of raw materials and finish products having a surface of more than 13000 m².

Access plan

SOPHAL is situated in the activity zone of HAssi Ben Okba 15 km in east of Oran next to the highway Oran Mostaganem.




In order to contribute to public health improvement and to satisfy the patients, SOPHAL, thanks to its 340 qualified employees and its technology, works on a production strategy based primarily on transparency and ethics, rigor and creativity, highlighting innovation at every moment and in a constant search.

SOPHAL is located in a remote area far from any agglomeration, thereby the company is part of a sustainable process of energy conservation and waste recycling.
SOPHAL was able to evolve according to the principles of a sustainable development that it has always been committed to respect.

With its know-how and rigorous selection used to hire employees, SOPHAL knows a constant national development guided by the desire to always meet the perpetual challenges of medicine. In a spirit of competitiveness and to always satisfy the customers, the company has set the objective to develop drugs related to prevalent problems of public health, and it concentrates its entire therapeutic efficacy.